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Industrial Roller Shutter Doors

Roller shutters are very popular with business across the UK.

They help to prevent unauthorised access and vandalism to your premises, designed to secure your property and protect its contents.

The shutter can be raised and lowered as required, either manually or motor-operated. Each shutter can be custom-built to your specific size and specifications catering for even the largest of openings. Doors are available in a solid finish, perforated finish, or punched finish and in a wide range of colours.

In addition, we offer hand chain operated doors, steel insulated doors with tubular motors and a wide choice of specialist industrial door motors depending on the size of the door and the amount of usage it will get each day. We will advise on the most suitable motor at the time of ordering.

A number of additional accessories are also available such as wind locks and grounds locks if you should require them.

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