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Anti-Ram Bars

Anti-ram bars offer an effective visual deterrent against ram raiders and have become increasingly popular in the industrial, commercial and retail environment. Simple to use whilst being strong and effective, our anti-ram bars are easy to install and operate and are very reliable

These bars were initially used alongside roller shutters to add an additional layer of protection to high value businesses and properties, however, they have increasingly become an essential part of securing premises.

We are seeing increasing cases of warehouses and other industrial properties becoming victims of ram raiders. Criminals are using their vehicle to ram into the industrial shutters, with extreme force, to gain access to the premises and take valuable assets. Such crime are both traumatic and costly for businesses who face the cost of not only the lost assets, but also the repair of the door and building.Anti-ram bars are the perfect solution to add that additional layer of security and protection to any business.

Our anti-ram bats are constructed out of 100mmx100mm quality steel box sections and secured to either side of the opening for full structural support or can sit just in front if preferred. The materials that the anti-ram bars are constructed from provide great resistance from any ram raid, however forceful.

All of our anti-ram bars are bespoke and can be made to each individual customer’s requirement.

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